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Watch Pepsi commercials before/during the Superbowl!  I may be in the one before Beyonce’s Halftime show.  Fingers crossed!  


Winter Royalty

This is the first of the batch. Still more to come. Stay tuned for the full editorial.

Photographer & snow crown maker: Myself.

Makeup: Christian Alvarez.

Hair: Jenifer Pons

Stylist: Celine Wang

Assistants: Elliot Alexander & Dayne-Arron Watai

Models: Kristina Brockman & Elise Bortz @ LOOK models

Happy Holidays!

Watch me channel my inner ice queen.  #chameleon


Kristina Brockmann @ Ford :)

Found this from last year… This was a very fun shoot. 

It’s pretty cool to meet like-minded people that enjoy blogging and… well… social medias/the internet.  They are usually pretty nice people.  Why is that?

Check out this blog post on Stylenik that I got to model for and learn a bit about the line Civerne!


Who would have thought that I would be prancing around in expensive, warm, and shall I say rather stunning knitwear while being photographed in the biggest studio I’ve ever seen.  The ceiling was so high that I couldn’t even touch it!  There was about two or three tables filled with shoes and a ton of the designer’s creations.    I was scared to touch the magnificent knitwear in fear that it would somehow vaporize in my fingertips.  

"What size shoe are you?" 

I’m size 11 in shoes.  Usually I end up having to squeeze into a size 10 or in this case end up wearing shoes that they just ran out to buy.  I feel guilty… but it’s my feet.  So who cares.  I also lucked out by getting to wear the guy’s shoes.   

"How tall are you?"

I’m really tall.  And this can cause some problems in that I’m usually taller than the guy in a shoot.  We always manage to work around it though.  My height isn’t ever an issue and if a client doesn’t hire me because of my height… then alright.  It has been an advantage in many instances.  It’s funny when it doesn’t work in my advantage because the only time it is a flaw is when somebody says it is.  Hence it is only a flaw if you believe it is.  

When I first signed with FORD they told me that my height was going to be a major issue and that they were taking a humongous risk by signing me.  It was the exact opposite…

When I signed with LOOK I got three jobs within the first month(Remember this is San Francisco).  


My Booker, Al, says that I need to watch Blue Lagoon because Brooke Shields was taller than the guy and “They had to dig out trenches for her to walk in next to the guy!  You have to watch it!” he laughed.  Okay Al, it’s in the Netflix queue.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with a guy over six times already and it is always a fun experience.  Everyone on the team is always creative about how to make the guy taller or make me shorter and half the time I simply don’t wear heels.  Problem solved.

"Where are you from?"

 I am located an hour and a half away from San Francisco.  The commute isn’t bad at all once you get used to it.  The occasional car accident that causes horrendous traffic isn’t too bad either since I give myself an extra hour to get to my gosees and jobs.

The people are really nice here too.  That’s why I can’t seem to leave San Francisco.  For the most part everyone is down to earth.  The other day I ran into the makeup artist from the shoot, Josephine.  She helped me with my makeup and gave a few tips on the natural look.  She works as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier.

It was a really fun shoot and I enjoyed working with Scott Ian McFarland the designer, Mel the photographer, the other male model, and the rest of the team.  Check out his phenomenal knitwear on his website!

Photos from the shoot:

Manka’s Inverness Lodge is so gorgeous!  Not to mention the dresses they had me in!  And the cake!

Pacific Weddings Magazine editorial spread sneak peek!  Get this summer’s issue to see the rest! ;)


An image from last week’s Americana photoshoot. 

Model: Kristina from LOOK

Had the honor to shoot with Emily Rosser!  I loovvee her work oh so much.  Scroll through her website here for more photos from the photoshoot: 

(Scroll all the way through her collection called moments!)

Oh Adriana Lima, how I love you!

Picture on the left!!

the PODOLLS! The designers are so down to earth and their line is splendid. The Podolls really know what they are doing.  Their brand is eco-friendly but they don’t go about advertising it.  Being eco-friendly is apart of their values and it feels like a no-brainer to them.  Not to mention the clothes are super comfortable.  Favorite line by far.  (Taken with instagram)